Thursday, 6 June 2013

Met Ball 2013

Howdy all you fashion lovers!

I wanted to share my opinion on the ‘Punk Chaos’ theme taken on by celebrities and famous fashion faces alike at the 2013 annual Costume Institute Gala in New York, known as the Met Ball.

I have to tell you, out of the picks of crazy couture and wacky dresses, there were only a few that I really liked; the rest were either a bit bleh, or I could do without to be honest.

The most horrifying thing of all, is that 2 of the women sashaying on the Met Ball’s red carpet this year were in my list of Iconic women that I am currently taking a break from whilst I think of more, and, I didn’t like what they were wearing (Gasp!)

I know it’s supposed to be punky and daring, but, come on Sarah Jessica Parker; do we have to see that much? Her weird socks/boots things totally clash with the big floral mess of a dress; and why does she feel the need to wear a massive feather on her head? You’d think she’d learn after the SATC wedding incident. Carrie would not approve….

Beyonce has an amazing figure, we all know that (she says gritting her teeth); but why would she swamp in in that unflattering black thing. Quite frankly it looks like 2 pieces Gok Wan has just stuck together with ‘a gorgeous studded belt; you work it girl’ (sorry Gok I still love you). And she has matching gloves; just ick.

Now Anne Hathaway has definitely come a long way since her Princess Diaries days (I still love the brown frizz); and she definitely suits the blonde pixie crop better than her fellow ex-Disney star Miley Cyrus (I mean, what is going on there Miles? I know you want to push yourself as far away from the Hannah Montana image as much as possible, but have some pride girl!) And Miss Hathaway definitely looks good with (a very tangoed) Valentino on her arm, and on her tiny frame.

Ah, now on to the Wests (Kim, Kanye and bump). Kimmy looks quite glamorous, although I’m not too keen on the middle parting, plus, she’s HUGE; which isn’t a bad thing by all means, it’s just a lot of flowers to take in.

Ah Miss Stewart, a smile! Shame it’s teamed with a frumpy silk jumpsuit, minimal make-up and boyish hair style. You need to step it up if you want to rival a certain Miss Perry….

Now I’m going to be nice, and compliment the fabulous Anna Wintour on her beautiful Chanel Couture gown. Very elegant yet edgy.

Next are three very lovely ladies in bold and bright yet tasteful Roksanda Ilincic, I especially love the yellow beauty worn by Joely Richardson.

Now we have the lovely Ivanka Trump; the former model and business women is radiant in green Juan Carlos Obando; I bet Donald and Ivana are very proud of their fashionable daughter.

Alexa Chung is up next and looks very elegant in Erdem; teamed with her very natural hair and make-up, (as per) and some cute black sandals covering the end of her tiny pins.

Heidi Klum is one of my favourite look; the bronzed beauty goes very classic yet chic in a Marchesa dress.
You wouldn’t think she’d been through a nasty separation/divorce from major actor and Scientologist Tom Cruise; as Katie Holmes wowed in a flowing white Calvin Klein number. No little Suri by her side; instead a very nicely attired silver haired gentleman; oooh!

Uma Thurman brought some old-fashioned Hollywood Glamour to the Mel Ball this year with a Zac Posen Fish tail silk dress, finished off nicely with her flaming red hair and an equally red pout. Very beautiful.
Now Sienna Miller does ‘Punk Chaos’ very well; almost too well in fact. Her spiky head band and cropped jacket; juxtaposed with the silky smooth white dress is just stunning.

Miss Minogue shines in a monochrome Moschino dress. She’s very small in height; but small things do come in small packages!

Well, well, Taylor Swift, someone’s grown up immensely; long gone are the boho, Southern girl days; she’s all woman now; in a very revealing black J Mendel gown.

Now here is an example of a child star gone wrong if I ever did see one; it’s all just so…. much Miley; the red pout is probably the best bit; the spiky Vivienne Westwood inspired hair and Marc Jacobs netted dress is all a bit too much I think.

From bad to worse; 54 year old Madonna horrifies in a Givenchy outfit and black Jessie J looking wig. Madge; you’re not in your Vogue days anymore; no matter how many young males you date. So let it go honey.

Well that’s the lot; hopefully they will have some better looking costumes at the Cannes film Festival.

Until next week!


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