Thursday, 15 September 2011

Just another day at the office.....

This is one of H&M Brighton's employees on the left, working very hard bringing the stores lovely clothes to fashion zombies like us. I'm glad to see H&M have chosen a very fashionable lady. Her brown super skinny cargo pants and flexible black leather look plimsolls show off her petite pins. And her loose fitting lemon yellow logo t-shirt  is very vibrant and cheerful for the summer, but is equally relevant for the autumnal months. Finally, her geeky specs and punky boy crop finish off this generally casual but smart look off for a good days work. 7/10.  Now the other H&M employee on the right is very different. Now she works at the other H&M store in Brighton (I still do not understand why there are two stores, though I am not complaining)-and her magenta hair makes her stand out for sure, along with her matching shade of lipstick, navy jumper, cream lace skirt and lemon yellow tights. The outfit has the potential to be too much, but navy and cream go very nicely together, and it seems she has managed to almost separate each part of her outfit into different sections, giving you a surprise as you discover each colour. The look has a very 80's feel to it-but it has a 60's mod twist with the tights and a nautical effect with the cream and navy. 7/10 for this vibrant lady. 

Wondering around in New Look....

...and I see this girl, wearing a plain black pencil skirt, black tights, and black ankle boots. She was also fashioning a cream sleeveless floral blouse with a pointed collar, and a simple brown cardigan. Now this outfit was nice, I thought, but it wasn't anything special. It did not make me say 'Wow' or 'Woah', it was just very safe, like a part time job uniform or something a primary school teacher might tend to wear. I liked the flowers on the blouse, but the black bottom half dulled the outfit down for me. I would have teamed the blouse with a pair of light jeans, or maybe a cream/brown pleated skirt and brogues. But otherwise, I would give this 5/10. 

Another one...

Bonjour Mes Amis!  Here is une autre personne who's outfit I found inspiring and fascinating! Now this girl I met outside of Topshop, I instantly noticed her boy crop, rounded sunglasses and red lipstick combo. She teamed that with a very summery cream translucent blouse, floaty floral shorts, black tights and brown leather-looking brogues. She looked like she was heading to a festival, and her cool and calm personality shone through with this outfit. It reminded me of the hippy days in the 60's and 70's, where silk and chiffon was all everyone wore, and shades we small and round to fit petite frames and boyish pixie cuts. 10/10 pour moi!!
Au Revoir!
Mica xx

I'm back!!!!

I know it has been a while fashion lovers, but I have been a very busy girl! I have been preparing for University, and today I have been in Brighton to snap some fashionable people. Check it out!!
This lady I found in Marks and Spencer, and the first thing that caught my eye  about her was her amazing hair! She was blonde, with blue and purple tips. She had also matched her outfit colour to her hair, which I thought was very artistic and clever. The cool colours suggest she wants to stand out with colour but not be to outrageous in reds or pinks. Her navy trench reminds me of a 1940's romantic movie in the rain, and is very juxtaposed to her very punky hair and summery sandals. The bracelet around her ankle suggests an element of unique personality in her style, which she wanted to portray in a subtle way. A 8/10 for me!!