Thursday, 10 May 2012

Hey Guys, 
I haven't posted in a while (how dare I) so I thought I'd let you all know what's going on with me at the moment. 
Basically, my life at the moment revolves around travelling on trains backwards and forwards from Eastbourne and Worthing, working in Bon Marche at the weekends and doing uni work NON STOP, as deadlines are looming and it's nearly the end of my first year ALREADY. Scary biscuits. And in between time I manage to fit my family and my boyfriend in. And the Occasional shopping trip/night out with friends. But barely recently as uni has got so intense, I am currently trying to tackle my CASS essay on Gender and Identity- about how fashion dolls are affecting little girls lives in later years. And while I find the subject incredibly interesting, it is due in TOMORROW. So yeah. Milo super speed and all that. 
Plus this 
I'm currently producing 1/4 of a fashion magazine called 'Jo', where I had to review an exhibition at the Tate Modern (I'll put all of these up guys, not to worry). And I also had to produce 2 photoshoots, as the first one was too fantasy-based (my bad, I love crazy photoshoots, what can I say?) Which I will also put up on here for all you lovely people to enjoy. On TOP of all that, I have a very complex and long winded animation project that is due in at the end of May, which involves a lot of research and planning, as well as some serious brain power and tedious fiddling about with music and timings on Flash. This I would love to put on here when I'm done, as I can imagine that I shall be jolly proud of it. 

Anyway, that's it for what's going on with me, I shall now try to finish my essay and put these photo's up on here.

Peace <3