Friday, 14 June 2013

H&M Presents.....

Hi Fashion beauties!

This week I want to focus on High street brands collaborating with designers; as it has just been released that Isabel Marant is teaming up with H&M. I love H&M as a brand; they’re very aspirational and trendy yet still attainable and affordable. Over the years they have teamed up with many designers and celebrities; which has caused females everywhere to queue for hours in big cities such as Oxford Street and Manchester.
I’d like to talk this week about my favourites picks from previous ventures that H&M has gone into; and speculate what could come in the future.

First off is H&M’s first collaboration in 2004 with the Fabulous Karl Lagerfeld: The collection is very monochromatic and minimalistic; true to his own personal style and that of the LBD made famous by Chanel. 
Next up is the fabulous Stella Maccartney; who teamed up with the high-street store in 2005 and sold clothing that stayed true to her very sport-luxe motif; giving a nice twist to the tailoring.

In 2006 H&M release a wedding collection designed by boys Viktor and Rolk; the advertising campaign was amazing; resembling the figures on top of a wedding cake (accept there’s two grooms) The collection was big and bold with bows and frills and was very limited.

Matthew Williamson release 2 collections; one for women and one for men; my favourite was the S/S 2009 beach wear collection for woman; featuring bright carribean inspired prints; the billboard pictures were very bright and inspired many high street stores to replicate that theme that year.

One of the most fun and fruity collections that H&M have ever released was when they teamed up with Sonia Rykiel; it was very 70s and eccentric; with bold striped jumper dresses and berets; they even sold clothing for girls. Christmas was good in 2009.

Lanvin was one of the biggest partnerships; with women queuing for days on end to grab one item from this very chic and sophisticated collection. The big sunglasses and pearls worn by the models in the advertising campaign was a strange tribute to Coco Chanel, I thought. But still fabulous.

Versace was next in H&M’s sights; with top models with long blonde elvish hair wearing greek-mosaic inspired embellished jackets and skirts; then there was that infamous leopard print/palm tree print that EVERYWHERE copied. Just beautiful.

Japanese Vogue Editor Anna Dello Russo guest modelled in her own accessories collection for H&M just as Paris Fashion Week ended. Including bags and jewellery. She looked stunning posed precariously on a big shoe; looks suspiciously Tim Walker- like.

Finally we have the beautiful Beyonce Carter; sporting H&M’s 2013 summer beachwear in her amazing post-baby body, it’s bright; it’s vibrant, it’s very (Sasha) Fierce.

So now H&M is getting together with Isabel Marant for their next big line; and judging by the images the collection is going to be very detailed; with lots of ethnic patterns and prints. Very exciting for H&M customers.

That’s all for this week. More soon!



  1. fashion trend

  2. Haha I love crazy fashion shoots! The photo of the women on the shoe is very dramatic!

  3. Yeah I loved it! I want a big shoe chair in my room!

  4. Yeah I loved it! I want a big shoe chair in my room!

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