Thursday, 24 October 2013

My Company Experience....

Bonjour all you Fashion beauties!

It's been forever since I've posted! I have been working as an online editor over the summer, as well as researching for and writing my dissertation, and completing my final major project and 2 competitions projects (I'll post about all that later).

I just wanted to write about the Company Blogging forum that I went to on 24th June 2013.

I met amazing Blogger Susie Bubble <3

Me and Susie :)

Susie and a lovely Company girl!

The gorgeous Company ladies all matchy matchy!

A Company blogger :D

Some keen youths!

The lovely Chelsea Prentis 

Rihannon Ashlee from and Roxanne Nejad from

Susie Bubble and the beautiful Victoria White- Editor in Chief of Company!

I painted my nails all different patterns; had my hair coloured pink (after the Graduate Fashion Week Company intern competition I entered and was shortlisted for- one of the editors still recognised me!) I picked out my best outfit and made my way to London.

I met so many awesome bloggers; including the beautiful Susie Bubble and founder and Youtube extraordinaire Rhiannon Ashlee. I also met Victoria White- Editor at large for Company!

I managed to have my question answered right at the end of the seminar and I think I made quite an impression on some people. I especially loveed my Company Goody bag! It was a truly awesome event and I shall definitely be going next year!

More later Fashion Lovers!



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