Thursday, 16 May 2013

Penelope Garcia

I am a big fan of Television shows, and modern day Television being the way it is, means that America own most of the air waves. Something that has been an on-going favourite of mine is Crime Drama Criminal Minds. It’s about a team of FBI agents belonging to a section called the BAU, and their jobs are to get into the minds of serial killers.

My main focus of today is one of the characters, BAU Techie Penelope Garcia. Confident, lovely, bubbly, and very fashion forward, she’s a friend and confidante to all of the other BAU team members.
She stays positive throughout all the horrible things she witnesses; she has an amazing sense of humour, and is inexplicably clever.

I love her kookie sense of style, even more so as she is quite a curvy woman. What I especially like about her is that even though she isn’t a stick insect, she still grasps the attention of the very handsome agent Derek Morgan.

Her geek chic glasses, her wacky hair colour which always changes, her brightly coloured lipstick and her theatrical clothes style; you just fall in love with her instantly.
Here are some images of her best looks, enjoy mes amis!

Short but sweet <3


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  1. so lovely