Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Women I look up to, Carrie Bradshaw

Hello Fashion Lovers

Wanted to talk about another woman I admire, Sex and the City’s Carrie Bradshaw, played by Sarah Jessica Parker.

Now I don’t normally talk about fictional characters, but as woman, Carrie Bradshaw is a big role model for me. Her fashion sense, her sense of humour, and, most importantly, her relationships.
Her love life and the things she learned over the 6 series, have taught me a lot about how to view relationships.

But most importantly, her love of fashions, and especially shoes, is something that I can totally understand.
I want to talk about my favourite outfits that she has worn over the entire 6 series, plus the 2 movies. Now I can honestly say that this is probably the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do!

Outfit number 1:
This is one of the first looks you see her in, in the very first episode. She has just has sex ‘like a man’, and walks past big whilst scrambling around on the street after she drops her purse. Classic Carrie.

Outfit number 2:
The naked dress; Lest we forget that famous dress that first enticed Mr Big into bedding her, which also made an appearance on the m11 bus advertising her column. It’s tiny to fit her equally tiny frame, skin coloured and very silky. Hence, the naked dress.

Outfit number 3:
This edgy newspaper print dress was worn whilst having lunch with Mr Big, and completely flipping her lid after she found out that he was marrying Natasha, or, as she called her “The stick figure with no soul”.

Outfit number 4:
This next outfit was very much the ‘Shabby Chic’ after her and Mr Big broke up, the fur coat (faux or otherwise) is an excellent way to cover up your emotional baggage yet still look fabulous.

Outfit number 5:
This was in her ‘straight her days’ and was worn in the fetish episode. What you don’t see is her top hat and whip. Yet she keeps it classy, amazing!

Outfit number 6:
This cute little ensemble; complete with cow boy hat truly portrays Carrie’s childish side, and was a perfect way for her to meet Natasha for the first time. Even if she was sick.

Outfit number 7:
This is one of my all-time Carrie favourites, the tiny jewel encrusted knickers and blue trench coat, teamed with the ‘Big hair’ and ‘Big eyes love’ was gorgeous. And I loved the guy who played one of the famous Duo Dolce and Gabbana.

Outfit number 8:
This outfit is from her short hair days, around the time she published a book and dated fellow novelist Jack Burger. Shame they didn’t last he was cute. As is the colourful ensemble our fair Carrie is wearing.

Outfit number 9:
This is the outfit with the many many pearls. She also wears Aidan’s engagement ring there, silly girl. Just put it on your bloody finger. Love the pink, though.

Outfit number 10:
This outfit is going back to the earlier series, and is a gorgeous summer trend that I would like to take up this year.

Outfit number 11:
This Oscar Del La Renta beauty was bought for her by her Russian man, Aleksandr Petrovsky, they ended up slow dancing in McDonalds, cute or what?!

Outfit number 12:
One of her stunning Paris gowns, she was a vision in dusk, with layers and layers of Ruffles. Très Chic.

Outfit number 13:
This outfit is so French it’s amazing, a mixture of Vertical and Horizontal stripes. She looks like a Mint Humbug! In a good way though.

Outfit Number 14:
This dotty number cinches in her tiny waist and flatters her perfect pins. Teamed with a trench, gorgeous heels and the most outrageous cuffs, très magnifique!  

 Outfit number 15:
Ah, the tuxedo, worn to her gay best friend’s wedding, Stanford Blatch. I loved her head piece the best. So fashion-forward.

Outfit number 16:
Then there’s all the Middle Eastern marvels in SATC 2- this turban is to die for, and the pale asymmetrical dress is lovely.

Outfit number 17:
Another Arabian beauty, this time she’s a vision in cream. Just wonderful.

Outfit number 18:
This Abu Dhabi inspired outfit is ready for the evening, she’s looks almost regal as she sachets past the pool.

Outfit number 19:
This final beauty is just as blue as the pool she had been next to days before. In this part of the film Carrie has arrived back in New York and has brought the best of Abu Dhabi with her. Perfect.

Well that’s my fabulous female for this week, I’ll write again next week, possibly with another!

Stay fabulous!

Mica x

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