Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Bloody Gray Press day-24/04/13

 To my understanding, PR companies are known for their fluff and spinning, as coined by the famous pair from ‘Ab Fab’, “It’s PR darling!” (Even as I write this I can’t help but smile at the thought of Jennifer Saunders in designer gear smoking like a chimney and drinking like a fish). I had not, however, been personally involved with a PR company or met anyone who works in PR. I imagined the life of a Public Relations representative to be quite glamorous. Jetting off to gorgeous locations and going to chic parties at posh hotels meeting lots of fashionable people and drinking expensive champagne.

As you can imagine, when my Animate boss Sarah asked me to go to a Press event for the Boutique PR company Bloody Gray, I jumped at the chance to be a part of this glamour. And I have to say, that for my first Press day, I was very impressed.

Held at the Sanderson Hotel next to Oxford Street (!), my newbie blogger sister and I waltzed right into the lobby, welcomed by a rather handsome doorman. The décor was very edgy but classy, we were welcomed by a Red Lips chair, made famous by surreal artist Salvador Dali, also contained within the lobby was a low hanging swing chair suspended from the ceiling, a very long love seat, which quite frankly looked Roman. Finally at the bar were chairs with eyes decorated on the back of them. It was a real treat for the eye.
We were directed to the lift, with 3D galaxy print gracing the walls; which made me feel like we had just walked into space; and were welcomed to the Penthouse Suite (!) with a glass of champagne and a smiling face.

The room was arranged beautifully, in such a minimalist way that is true to Bloody Gray’s style. The railings stuffed with edgy and quirky clothes, and the window sills and tables encrusted with hand-made bespoke jewellery. It was all too much to take in all at once, so had to be looked at and absorbed carefully and individually.

I met Anna-Marie from Bloody Gray and her right hand woman, who were both lovely and very friendly. They welcomed us and answered all our questions, pointing us in the right direction.
My favourite clothing designer was Bas Kosters; their edgy and quirky fashions are very cartoon-like but their elegance and eccentricity really scream “Screw you world!” The A/W collection The Rebellious Shadow really encapsulates this brand ethos and identity; with the bold graphic prints and vivid colours; an impressive collection.

My favourite jewellery designer was Maria Piana, her bespoke hand-made pieces are so beautiful and unique, but are easy to wear every day and can be dressed either up or down; depending on the occasion. Her beautiful necklaces would be my top choice, they shape the neck perfectly whilst striving way ahead of current trends; her pieces are really in a league of her own. And to think her primary career is a dentist? Amazing!

Overall, the atmosphere was so lovely and everyone we met were so friendly and helpful, there was a wide array of talent in that room and I know they are all going to go far in all their endevours.
As the cherry on top of the cake (literally); we both received a goody bag containing handmade chocolate brownies, and even a special bloggers cupcake! Which was unfortunately squashed in my bag, but none-the less was still very tasty.

I just hope I get to go to another Press day soon!

Much love fashionistas!



  1. Love all the pics :) I love the shirts and the amazing sofa! x

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