Monday, 11 March 2013

Red Valentino

Happy Mother’s day! (I wrote this on Sunday 10th March)

As you probably already know (based on my all my previous posts), I LOVE fantasy.
The Red Valentino Ready to Wear Collection in New York had, for me, the best Mis-en Scene in all the A/W 2013/14 shows.

The clothes, were so feminine and chic, and had a big French influence. The roses, the illustrative wooded background. The photos from the Vogue website look more like a photoshoot than a catwalk show.
I especially loved the floral embellishment on the skirts, blouses and dresses. Nothing beats intricate detail in my eyes. The delicate garments fitted beautifully on the equally delicate pale skin of the model.

I adored the baroque-esque patterns on the dresses, teamed with Hansel and Gretel-style plaits and ribbons- and the matching patterned clutch bag was the icing on the cake.

I admired the netted socks worn under what appeared to be velvet and jewel encrusted stilettos.
My favourite look was the tartan coat/skirt combination. With the faux fur collar, it’s very Parisian and beautiful.

The make-up was so sculptured and perfect, like a doll. With a pale- geisha looking face; and the signature pink cheeks, ruby red lips and eyes covered in black liquid eyeliner and beautiful long eyelashes.

Overall, a very lovely collection. 

Mica xx

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