Monday, 18 March 2013


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Hello all you fashion enthusiasts!

I remember the first time I used liquid eyeliner, I was about 13 and living in Cyprus, and my mum had to apply it, as I was too young and inexperienced. I’ve always loved the chic and cat-like look that liquid eyeliner creates. It’s a very 60s look and depending how what shape and size you create; it can widen or even narrow the look of your eyes.

I used to use the type of product that includes a brush and pot, like nail varnish; nowadays I find it 10x easier to use the type that comes in a felt tip pen-style. Currently, my favourite brand is Collection 2000:
Over Fashion Week A/W 2013/14, many designers have taken a much more graphic approach to liquid eyeliner, with bold geometric shapes and thick lines swept all over the lid.

Here are a few of my favourite picks from A/W shows, taken from the Vogue website:

Aquascutum: I love the way the point on the outside of the model’s lid is more of a rounded square, rather than the traditional triangular point. It sweeps gradually across the lid, fading as it reaches the inside corner, matching the shape of the eyebrows. The eye lashes are soft but well defined, and the rest of the face is very minimal and natural.

DSquared2: This look is obviously inspired by the 70s, judging by the bronzed, glowing skin, thick defined line on the lid and the full lustrous lashes. The lower lid is also lined with a soft kohl pencil, right into the inside corner, widening the eye and completing the look nicely.

Kenzo: Kenzo’s models rely heavily on their makeup to define their faces, as the hair is scraped back very tightly, and the eyebrows are almost non-existent. The line on the lid is thicker towards the outside corner, with a very square shape, and mascara is used on either lashes. The lips are stained with a matte red, which really vamps up the look.

Lanvin: The models at Lanvin have a shiny, glowing look, with peachy glossy lips and a thick block line along the top lid, blending into the inner corner and flicking right out towards the eyebrow.
Mary Katrantzou: Mary Katrantzou’s eye make-up is one of my favourites from this fashion week. The bold sharp geometric edges form a great shape around the eyes, and the pale lips and natural face look very beautiful.
Mary Katrantzou

I may try some of these myself, although, I may have to get someone to help me!

More soon, au revoir!



  1. I would love to be bold enough to carry off this look. I am useless with eyeliner!

    I would love a follow

  2. just started following you! :D
    i LOVE eyeliners but i'm a coward when it comes to cat eyelining :(
    thanks for an interesting read :)

  3. Thanks guys :) would it be a good idea to do a video tutorial about putting on liquid eyeliner for everyone? :)

  4. Ouuu I love the geometric liner (last one!) This seems like something interesting to try out :)