Sunday, 17 February 2013


Hi all!

Hope you are all doing well and are either attending or watching Fashion weeks!

I am hopefully going to LFW on Tuesday, the last day (I’ll get loads of photos so never fear! :D)
In the meantime, I want to talk about the trend that I predicted in my Fashion Forecasting Project (which I put earlier on my blog)- Nextism, and how it applies to the A/W trends envisaged by designers in London and New York.

Now Nextism is based on the notion of using technological advancements and art, combined with fashion into one aesthetic. This trend is so ahead of everything and everyone, it’s constantly changing and evolving that only the most ahead consumers- who I named Nexists- can keep up with.
In terms of colours, they consisted of Bright Greens, blues, purples, oranges and pinks that I hand-picked from a moodboard that I constructed, then individually named to make them unique to the trend. They were Indigo, go go, Iblue, Ultra Violet, Pear Green and Absurd Amber.

In terms of pattern and texture, wool and fake fur were deemed most popular for the Nextist consumer.
A/W 2013-14 Fashion Week so far has revealed some outrageous collections, but I have selected some from London and New York that I think fit my trend the best.

Here are the choices :D

Honor has taken a feminine approach to the trend, taking the geometric shapes and detailed pattern to a delicious level. The colour is what makes this a Nextist trend. Beautiful.
House of Holland has taken Indigo, go, go and Iblue and paired it with soft tailoring and fantastic shapes. Very technologically inspired.

John Rocha’s oversized coats and dresses teamed with the bright colours and the flower textured material are the pinnacle of what my trend is. The collars of the coats are pure perfection, and go very nicely with the bare pale, skinny legs of the models.

Oscar de la Renta has taken Nextism and applied it not only to the clothes but the accessories, i.e. a hat as well. The exaggerated height, along with the covering of the eyes, leaving just the red lips as the main facial feature looks a lot like how I drew my models when designing my trend. Finally, pear green has been used very wonderfully with an oversized, triangular shape.

Proenza Schouler hasn’t taken the bright colours un board, necessarily, but the rounded oversized and awkward shapes of the jackets are anchored beautifully with the monochromatic colours.

Vera Wang has taken Indigo, go, go and Absurd Amber and intertwined it with the floral pattern on the geometric shaped dresses, I can see why wedding dresses are her forte!

Good old Vivienne Westwood, bringing the ballsy British along with her Red Label Collection, the Geisha inspired white faces, the in-your-face-almost sickly colours, and of course, the attention in the detail. That’s why we love her!

Now, Thom Browne, who before this season I had not heard of or seen, is my now officially in the top 5 of my favourite designers. It’s no secret that I am inspired by fantasy; and his ‘paint the roses red’ entourage, complete with square shoulders, grey tailoring and a checkered pattern, made me squeal. Finally, the fur, the fluff, the roses, the tartan, the top buns and the Queen Amidala inspired lips are just the icing on the cake, for what, I think, IS Nextism. I love it, all of it.

Anyway, this is what my trend is, and it seems that I made a rather accurate prediction. It’s already happening! Although I’d like to see how Thom Browne’s stuff will be filtered down to the high street.

Anyway, I’ll keep you posted!

Much love Fashion lovers <3

Mica xx


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