Sunday, 18 March 2012

Happy Mother's day!

As you know it's mothers day, and here is a poem about my mummy, enjoy :D

My mum, my mum, what can I say
My mum is great in every way
She cleans, she cooks, she works so hard
She deserves much more than a present and card
She looks after me, Chelsea and Ollie 24/7
A place for her is reserved in heaven

She's my best friend, who I tell everything to
Without her, I wouldn't have a clue
I am very lucky to have a mum like her
A mum like her will never again occur
I hope one day I can be just as cool
Or cry as much when I drop my kids off at school

I'm very sad to leave home so soon
But she's let me go like a red balloon
She's taught me well, to live on my own
But making sure I'm never alone
She really is an amazing mum, and has been from the start
And I mean this from the bottom of my heart

Love you Mummy <3 xx

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