Thursday, 16 February 2012

My Historical Styling Shoot (Part one-Getting ready)

My sister was kind enough to be my model for my 80's styling shoot for my Uni project. I decided to go for a really British, New Romantic look taking inspiration from Pop Artists like Duran Duran, Boy George, and Adam Ant. I'm talking big curly hair all pulled to one side, with bold colourful eyes, exaggerated cheek bones and sculpted eyebrows (although her eyebrows were pretty shaped anyway). I took one of her jackets and customised it, attaching rope with safety pins, as well as sticking gold ribbon on the lower sleeves and white leather-look arrows on the upper sleeves. I found a white shirt from Beyond Retro in Brighton which I safety pinned into place around the jacket, and used my mum's shiny skinny trousers with some red silky material tied around the back. I found some patent black court shoes in Select for £10 (bargain anyone?) as well, to complete the outfit. Below is the different stages of the make over (Chelsea loved being pampered a little too much). 


Lovely eyes!


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