Sunday, 21 August 2011

My nails after a bit of tlc......

My lovely nails finished :)
One of the pedicure chairs, with built in spa
 and massaging chair, aaaahhh!  x)

Hand and foot dryers, wish
I had one of these at home!

The main counter, loved the oriental
.....I went to a nail bar called 'The Nail Fairy' in my local town, and acrylic tips were added to my already fairly long nails. I found the whole experience quite strange- not only because the nail technician was male (he didn't engage in much conversation; probably because he was Asian and didn't speak much English). Also, the equipment and the actual process was very odd- he whizzed through it quite quickly and the acrylic liquid smelled peculiar.  Overall, my day was quite relaxing, I had a nice time shopping afterwards (Can't complain ;))  Peace out!!! xx

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