Tuesday, 31 July 2012

It's all foggy...

...You can't see all the fields around our house. But as soon as we came down the hill it all disappeared! Anyway we're going into Dorchester today. To shop, have a look around etc. There's a few museums to go to as well. I'll post pictures soon!

Sunday, 29 July 2012

A little discovery of mine...

Hi Guys!
I was shown this article in Yours magazine by my grandmother (always good to keep an open mind) and I discovered a really lovely brand founded by Poppy Waters called Mary and Milly. It's a vintage fashion label which she made because of both of her stylish grandmothers, Mary and Milly. I've taken a look at her collection on ASOS Marketplace (she also delivers in her customised van!) and her clothes are so cute and new. Take a look fashion lovers!
Much love
Mica xx


Piccies from the swannery...

Hey guys
Here are all of my pictures that I took of the swannery today, I had no signal in the place so I couldn't do it as I went along. But here they are. (you'll see more once I'm back from holiday and have finished editing the video :D) 

See ya peeps!

Grandad and Ollie on the Tractor

Ollie, Chelsea and Grandad :)

So pretty :)

Cignet :)

So awesome :)

Audio/visual room

Paper mache swan :)

Me and Chelsea being posers :P

Pretty flowers :)


We're off to the largest swannery in the country today! There's going to be signets there, but they'll be teenagers! I'll show you pictures later. Much love

P.S I've attached some pictures from the beach yesterday x

Saturday, 28 July 2012

So the weather's been rubbish

And we haven't been to the beach, which is lame. But we're going to the beach now (even though it's cold) so hopefully I can get some nice pictures to post :) xxx

Shopping and beach!!

Morning all! Tis the second day of ma vacances and we're doing some shopping *yawn* and maybe going to the beach yayy! Here's me and my sister and what the weather's like :D

Friday, 27 July 2012

Holiday swag :D

Hey guys. I'm on holiday in Weymouth. So excited to be near the Olympics. And it's such a gorgeous day!! More later,
Much love <3

Sunday, 8 July 2012

Graduate Fashion Week...

Hey y'all! 
On Monday 11th June I attended Graduate Fashion Week at Earles Court 2 in London to assist the third year Fashion Design Students from my University. I also was responsible for dressing one of the models Ollie ;) (pictured below) 

It was a very long and stressful day, but I had so much fun and met some really great people :) Plus my amazing sewing skills contributed to one of the the designers Josh going through to the next round in an award :D Yay!! 

Third Year FMP Student Emily :D