Sunday, 21 August 2011


This is my sister in my mum's Old School Chic t-shirt from H&M and cream trousers, and her favourite boots ever.  She looks very casual yet chic, and very cute with her cheeky grin :) 

Me off on my hols....

I'm wearing a newly purchased outfit (another now favourite of mine!)  The shorts, top and scarf are surprisingly from Primark! Now Primark is definitely changing in terms of audience and USP, it is becoming more socially acceptable, I feel, to purchase items from the very cheap store because of the likes of celebrities from Essex, for example Stacey Soloman, who has admitted to buying her underwear from the place. (Something we have in common :)) Furthermore, the shop is coming away from cheap'n'cheerful and is heading in a more fashion savvy area, something I find very exciting! (me and my family call it 'Primarni' to sound less cheap xD) . Finally, my shoes are from New Look, a my favourite high street retailer for shoes! And my necklace from Next. I'm very much into neutral, earthy tones at the moment, I feel they are acceptable both for my skin tone and hair colour, plus they are fabulous for the summer! Will be back for more fashion lovelies!! x x x

My nails after a bit of tlc......

My lovely nails finished :)
One of the pedicure chairs, with built in spa
 and massaging chair, aaaahhh!  x)

Hand and foot dryers, wish
I had one of these at home!

The main counter, loved the oriental
.....I went to a nail bar called 'The Nail Fairy' in my local town, and acrylic tips were added to my already fairly long nails. I found the whole experience quite strange- not only because the nail technician was male (he didn't engage in much conversation; probably because he was Asian and didn't speak much English). Also, the equipment and the actual process was very odd- he whizzed through it quite quickly and the acrylic liquid smelled peculiar.  Overall, my day was quite relaxing, I had a nice time shopping afterwards (Can't complain ;))  Peace out!!! xx